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Scheduling an Appointment

Hello Again!

Prior to scheduling an appointment check to see if your insurance covers visits with me.

After checking insurance, lets get you on the books shall we!

Still have questions? Reach out to me here:

****HIPAA Compliant communications****

Whenever you may possibly provide protected health information I want your information secure, spruce allows text messages and other communications to be secure. Click this link to download the app and be connected to me securely. You always have the right to use regular messaging, just know there can be vulnerabilities with regular messaging.

Call or Text: Quickest response time


Email: Responses early morning and evening

Social Media:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

I do my best to be timely with responses during my hours of operation. If I am in a consult with another dyad it will take me approximately 1-2 hours to respond. Messaging is secure through the spruce app only. If you have scheduled an appointment, you will be receiving an email with a lot of information regarding preparation for your up coming visit with me.

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