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The Baby Bunch



  • New and experienced parents

  • Newborn to 1 year old

  • First session Free

  • $30 for unlimited drop-ins

  • Discussing parenting, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, introducing solids, baby wearing, milestones, and beyond.

  • Guest speakers eventually!

  • Infant scale available during group to track growth :)

Located at:

Above the Barre Dance Academy

5308 W. Elm St.

McHenry, IL  60050

Registration Required:

Your first visit will be free using coupon code: FIRSTFREE

If The BABY Bunch is for you, then come back and pay a one time fee of $30.

After paying your one time $30 fee, you will get a coupon code from me to schedule the rest of your sessions as you go.

You will get to participate any Wednesday you are available after your fee is paid.

Online Booking - intakeQ.png

1. Choose The BABY Bunch

2. Click: Got a coupon?

3. Type: Firstfree

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