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Need help from a 
Lactation Consultant?

Hello There!

  • Serving McHenry County Illinois and surrounding areas

  • Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant

  • In-home and virtual lactation consults available

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Services Available

Breastfeeding looks a lot of different ways, let me cheer you on for your journey!


Education and Preparation

-Overview on pumps and flange sizes

-Preparing for the first week after delivery

- Breastfeeding Basics

- Positioning the baby for feedings

- Getting off to a good start for optimal

   milk supply

- Engorgement and what to expect

- When to reach out for help

- Resources for postpartum support

- Expectations for the non-breastfeeding/ non-chest feeding parents and navigating drying up milk postpartum

Post Partum

Support whether you’re rocking it
or it’s rocking you.... seeing someone isn’t just for those having issues.

- Low supply or over supply issues

- Pain with feeding or pumping

- Difficulties latching

- Difficulties with bottles

- Preparing for pumping while away from

  your baby

- Breast refusal

- Bottle refusal

- Clicking or other noise during feeding

- Slow weight gain

- Drying up supply

- Not listed? Still reach out for help!

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Call or Text: 815.427.1133


PO Box 247
Ringwood, IL 60072

Typical Visit Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Wednesdays: Evenings
​​Saturday: Limited availability
​Sunday: Limited availability


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